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Wild Paint House is the wildest art jamming studio worldwide where you can play with paints. No rules, no boundaries, no stress to create your own masterpiece. Try Splatter Painting, UV Painting, Spin Painting, Pendulum Art, Fluid Art Pouring and legal Graffiti in Dubai!

We are in Al Quoz 1 in Dubai, right in the heart of the new Quoz Creative Zone.

We have six unique experiences with different prices. You can find all details here

Select an experience and pick a time slot here.

We use high quality, child-safe tempera paint from New Zealand. It does not have any unpleasant chemical odours and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, formulated to international safety standards. It is also gluten-free, and does not contain dairy, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives. What a mouthful!

Yes it may. We provide protective raincoats or aprons for all painters, and shoe covers. If paint gets on your clothes, soak your clothing immediately once you get home. Or just come dressed in clothes you don't mind getting stained - more mess, less stress!

Yes, you will be blue forever. Just kidding, it will wash off easily! We typically do not provide gloves as the paint is easily washable.

Wild Paint House is a DIY zone. We do not conduct structured classes on a regular basis. However, our hosts will give a little briefing at the start, and feel free to talk to any of us for tips or methods we enjoy!

All packages include a canvas or bear figurine. You can paint on it. The walls are fair game. Perhaps each other.

All bookings share the space unless it is specifically a private party. Contact us for details.

Yes we do, fine full details here.

We request no food or drinks of your own in the studio, unless you booked a private rental.

We prefer you book online, as that guarantees your spot. You can walk in, but subject to space availability.

No, all basic packages are meant for one. One canvas per person. A paying adult with children can get children packages for an additional AED 110. This covers tools, protective wear and a small canvas for the child.

Individual packages are for an hour. Date Time and Party Packages which come with an extra couple/group canvas are for 1.5 hours. There is a natural limit to how much your canvas can take, or you may run out of paint. You may stay longer if the studio is not crowded, but we reserve the right to ask you to make space for others as per your booking.

Yes we have lockers for you to store your belongings. If out of space, we can keep them behind the reception desk.

You are responsible for the supervision of your own children.

Yes! We encourage you to take photos and please tag us on FB and IG. @wildpainthouse #wildpainthouse

We have awesome speakers. Feel free to request a song. Dancing encouraged, just not on the tables.

They take up to 48 hours to dry but are yours to take home. We can only keep them for up to 10 days. Delivery can be arranged for 35aed to one location for up to 5 canvases, additional 5aed for each extra canvas.

Just a few safety no-brainers. No splashing water, running at high speeds or tracking paint outside the studio. Don’t stand atop the tables or benches. No throwing paint on other people’s artworks unless you have asked their permission. Pretty simple, ain’t it?

Yes, we ​​accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash! More info here

Nope, but you might like to become a Wild Paint House franchisee! More info can be found here.

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